Incora Health seeking volunteers for clinical trials

The first ever earring made specifically to monitor women's health needs participants is located in Greenville, SC

Incora Health Seeks Clinical Trial Volunteers for Wearable Health Tracker 

A #StartupGVL company with revolutionary wearable tech needs your help. 

Incora Health, founded by Theresa Gevaert and Lindsey Calcutt, PhD., developed the first health-tracking earring for women. Incora is seeking volunteers to participate in clinical trials. Interested? Register at the company website. 

Powered by AI, the earrings provide women with a personalized approach to their fertility. The earrings also measure core body temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, blood oxygenation, and many other wellness markers related to a woman’s vital signs.  

“We are looking to empower women by providing women with the understanding about their own body, their own personal journey through their health,” Calcutt says. “And with the knowledge to take to their doctors and to do what’s best to make them feel good.” 

Gevaert came up with a concept while unsuccessful seeking out natural fertility tracking methods. “Frankly, there’s just no good solutions,” she said. “So, I invented one.”  

With a background in journalism, Gevaert recognized the need for a co-founder with expertise in biotech. She connected with Calcutt, a Clemson University grad with a Ph.D. in bioengineering and a decade of experience in the life sciences field. 

“Initially, when I heard the idea of an earring that could actually measure basal body temperature and related to fertility, I was in awe generally,” Calcutt said. “Just because I never really thought about it that way. My OB-GYN didn’t really tell me about the method of naturally tracking your fertility.” 

Since its founding in 2022, Incora Health has garnered attention at home and abroad. The company received a grant from the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) and became a member company. In December 2023, Incora was one of 130 startups from around the world selected to participate in Femovate by Guidea. The Femovate program provides early-stage startups in women’s health with expert UX research and design services.  

Visit Incora Health’s website to participate in the trials, or to get more information on this Greenville-based startup. 

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