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Beyond the Hype: Practical Steps and Risk Mitigation for AI Integration

Beyond the Hype: Practical Steps and Risk Mitigation for AI Integration

May 30 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thornblade Country Club

1275 Thornblade Blvd
Greenville, SC 29650





Join us to learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration at our first InnoVision Forum for 2024, “Beyond the Hype.” InnoVision Chair, Attorney Hunter Freeman will lead the panel discussion. We’ll delve into the practical steps and essential risk reduction strategies for successful AI implementation, covering topics such as data privacy concerns, ethical considerations, and techniques to safeguard your business from unintended consequences and legal liability. Our panelists have navigated the complexities of AI integration firsthand.

Panelists Include:

Chris Conlan, Founder and CEO, Conlan Scientific

Conlan Scientific is a financial data science consultancy based out of Charlotte, NC. Chris works with his team of data scientists to build machine learning solutions for banks, lenders, investors, traders, and fintech companies.

Rick Oppedisano, President and CEO, Delta Bravo
Rick is an experienced entrepreneur having grown companies from startup to $100M exits. In November 2018, he was featured on the cover of Smart Manufacturing Magazine’s AI Innovation issue. Delta Bravo uses AI to turn mountains of manufacturing data into insight and tools that increase throughput while reducing waste.

After the panel discussion, stick around to network and connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are passionate about leveraging AI to drive business growth and efficiency. Light bites and beverages will be served.